Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


How can I make a booking?


What can I do if the website doesn’t show any availability on the web?


How can I change / cancel my booking?
  • Please write to the Booking Manager.
    100% fee of the total amount if canceled within 14 days of arrival date.
    30% fee of the total amount if canceled more than 14 days of arrival date.
    No fee will incur if canceled with more than one month's notice.


Can non members book an accommodation?

  • Non members can book in Low Season for a maximum of 1 month whenever there is a course.


Can my friend / family stay in the Gar and book an accommodation?

  • Family members / close relations can stay at the Gar in all seasons IF accompanied by the IDC member. Friends and relatives can book independently in Low Season


My friend is not a member but wants to come for the retreat. How can they book?

  • IIn Low Season non members can book whenever there is a course or a practice session of some kind and they are appointed to assist.


Why can I not register in the booking system?

  • When the login with the same username and password works on, the next thing to check is the MEMBERSHIP HISTORY of the user.
    ( Searching by Mail address → [Show History] ).
    Registration is only possible if the user has completely paid the current membership.


How can I change the details of my profile?

  • This is possible in the form directly after the user log in. If the user is already logged in, they first have to click on the logout button right on the top of the page before they can log in again.


I wrote to the manager and didn’t receive any reply. What can I do?

  • If no manager answers back, it's because there is no vacancy, please put your request in theWAITING LIST


Why can I not book for the next High Season?

  • You don't see anything for the next High Season because you can't book more than 6 months in advance. We currently do not have fee schedule for the High Season of next year and the system cannot work without fee schedule.


Can I pass on the apartment that I booked to my friends for some dates when I’m out of the Gar?

  • You can not let other guests use your apartment without agreement with the Booking Manager.


I am staying with my family and kids in a double accommodation and my friends and other families want to come and visit us. I guarantee that they are very nice people and will not bother anyone and keep the place in order. Can they book their flight?

    We are offering to our guests a double accommodation for a maximum of 3 adults and two-bedroom apartments for a maximum of 5 adults. Please contact your Booking Manager to determine if any exemption can be made depending on the specific circumstance


How can i book dormitory?


What is the difference between High and Low Season?

    If you have any questions or suggestions please fill out this FORM