Welcome to Dzamling Gar accommodation program!

dz garden

Staying at Dzamling Gar is a precious gift offered by Master Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to the International Dzogchen Community. Residing on the Gar is a wonderful opportunity to easily participate in the various activities on the Gar, have a personal retreat or to simply enjoy and have a relaxing vacation.

Dzamling Gar is conveniently located within close walking distance to the ocean and a variety of shops and restaurants. It offers a variety of facilities including activity halls, beautiful gardens, playground, swimming pool, library and other facilities that will help ensure your stay is an enjoyable one.

Dzamling Gar houses provide spacious and comfortable apartments with various settings to accommodate your needs; private apartments, private bedrooms and dormitory beds. All accommodation donations contribute to the maintenance and development of the Dzamling Gar project and Gars worldwide.

How to book

Choose below the Gar you are a member of.

Please ensure that your International Dzogchen Community membership fees are fully paid and that you read the norms of behavior here before booking with us

Members have priority booking at the house their Gar is associated with. If your Gar house is booked for the dates you require or does not provide the bedding arrangement you need, please contact the General Manager.

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