• Please be aware of others and do not disturb them, loud noises are forbidden from 22:00 to 08:00.
  • Any kind of violence is forbidden in the Gar.
  • Smoking and the use of drugs is strictly forbidden, including in private apartments.
  • It’s mandatory to respect local health regulations. Everyone who stays in the Gar must have a valid health card or private insurance, that covers the emergencies and hospitalization.
  • Arrivals & Departures: check-in after 14:00, check-out before 10:00.
  • Please inform the House Manager about the arrival and departure time in advance.


  • Please take care of the apartment and keep it clean.
  • Try not to waste energy and water, keep the Gar eco-friendly.
  • It’s forbidden to change or modify any technical equipment in the apartment (electric, water, internet etc).
  • All damages must be repaired by the guest.
  • It’s forbidden to take away any household items from the apartment (e.g. towels, chairs, glasses).
  • Please don't disturb the general view with your laundry: do not hang your clothes and carpets over the railing of the terraces, but use the drying racks.
  • If there is no washing machine in your apartment we recommend you to use the professional laundry in front of the Gar.
  • Personal belongings cannot be stored in the apartment or on terraces, once leaving the apartment guest must take all of them away.
  • If you are staying in a shared apartment it’s forbidden to invite guests.
  • If the guest wants to make some changes in the apartment he must contact the House Manager. All of them must be done at their own expenses.
  • If the guest has any problems related to the apartment he has to contact the House Manager.


  • Every guest is responsible for his own garbage and must throw it away regularly. It's forbidden to leave the garbage outside of the apartment (next to the door).
  • The main trash-storage for mixed garbage is located next to the side entrance to the Gar.
  • The special containers for separated garbage (paper, glass, plastic) are located on the main street in front of the Gar.
  • It’s forbidden to throw away oversized garbage (e.g. mattresses, furniture, carpets) in the trash. Please contact the House Manager in case you need to.
  • Batteries can only be disposed in a special container under the Gönpa.



  • Please respect the pool rules posted in the pool area.
  • Children are not allowed in the pool area without parent’s supervision.
  • Please take away your personal belongings after leaving the pool area.
  • Please don’t use the pool when it’s considered closed.



  • Please try to reduce the amount of water you are using.
  • In the public toilets of the Gar the toilet paper must be thrown into the bins, not into the WC.
  • We recommend guests to use eco-friendly chemicals because the water is reused for the gardens.



  • Parents are always responsible for their children.
  • All damages created by children must be repaid by their parents.
  • It's forbidden to leave the children without adult’s supervision in the Gar, especially in the Gönpa, Jyagcip or in the pool area.
  • Children must be dressed properly, shoes are mandatory.


  • Pets are only allowed with the permission of Gekö.
  • Please don’t leave your pets without supervision and don’t bring them to the Gönpa.
  • It is forbidden to feed wild animals and bring them to the Gar.


  • Please hang the prayer flags only in the special places, indicated by Gekö, not in the houses or on the terraces.



  • Barbecues can be organized in special places, indicated by Gekö. It’s strictly forbidden to organize barbecues on the terraces of the apartments.


  • The gates of the Gar are closed from 21:30 to 07:30, for the gate’s code please contact the House Manager.


  • If you want to rent a storage place in the Gar (e.g. to leave your baggage), please contact Gekö.


  • It’s forbidden to give your reservation to another guest.
  • It’s forbidden to host extra guests, not listed in the reservation without the approval of the House Manager.
  • If you cancel the reservation more than 30 days before arrival, there is no cancellation fee.
  • The cancellation fee is 30% if you cancel the reservation within 15 - 30 days before your arrival and 100% if you cancel the reservation less than 14 days before your arrival.


  • People who don’t respect the rules of the Gar will be added to the black list and won’t be able to stay in the Gar.