VIEW: What does it mean to Reside in Dzamling Gar?

  • The establishment of Dzamling Gar as the global base for our International Dzogchen Community is a precious opportunity facilitated by Dzogchen Master Chogyal Namkhai Norbu.
  • The use of the accommodation facilities in Dzamling Gar is an opportunity created by Rinpoche for active members of the Dzogchen Community so that they can participate in the various activities of the Community and contribute to its maintenance and development.
  • Our attitude to the privilege of residing in Dzamling Gar is based on having a shared point of view and translating that point of view into our communication and behaviour with each other and the environment.
  • Providing a residential service within Dzamling Gar enables all members and associates to contribute financially which in turn further supports the development and maintenance of the entire project.
  • There are many other ways that we can also contribute to nourishing and sustaining our Gar - including participating in the public and private activities of the future Conference Centre, Gonpa, Santi Maha Sangha, Vajra Dance, Yantra Yoga, Khaita, Gakyil, Shang Shung Institute, ASIA, Tibetan Medicine and Healing Arts, Creative arts, Gardens, Swimming Pool, Cafeteria via karma yoga (generous activity).
  • Seeing the opportunity to lodge within the Dzamling Gar houses as a privilege enables us to understand that we are responsible to contribute to the project with 3 considerations:
Awareness of our own and others circumstances
Respect For personal limits and boundaries
Commitment tо participate according to each individual’s capacity.

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