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Khaita course
From Tuesday 26 March 2019 -  10:00am
To Thursday 28 March 2019 - 04:30pm

Khaita course with Adriana dal Borgo and Lena dumcheva

March  26 - 28

A special occasion to deepen the multiple aspects of Khaita
- Harmony in Space. During the course we will work with both songs and dances. We will sing, study the lyrics together with ChNN commentaries, and discover the related aspects of Tibetan culture, language and history. After having studied the meaning, we will learn to communicate it through symbolic gestures, or mudras, of the dance. We will also train to apply presence in movement and to dance together in a coordinated and harmonious way.

Una ocasión especial para profundizar los múltiples aspectos de Khaita – Armonía en el Espacio. Durante el curso trabajaremos con canciones y bailes. Cantaremos, estudiaremos las letras junto con los comentarios de ChNN y descubriremos los aspectos relacionados con la cultura, el idioma y la historia tibetanos. Después de haber estudiado el significado, aprenderemos a comunicarlo a través de gestos simbólicos, o mudras, de la danza. También nos entrenaremos para aplicar la presencia en el movimiento y para bailar juntos de manera coordinada y armoniosa.

Preliminary programme (subject to minor changes) 

Morning sessions 10:00-13:00 (with a short break)

Day 1
Introduction to Khaita: history, structure and basic principles
Dances: Re-dun/ Our Hope and Ta-shi Nyi-ma/ Auspicious Day…

Day 2
Cultural and history background: "mey-po" - "ancestors"
Dances: Mey-poi Shul-zhag/ Legacy of Our Ancestors and Mey-po Dran-lu/ Song of Remembering Ancestors…

Day 3
Dances: A-zhang Tsho and reviewing previous dances 
Concluding session, questions and answers

Afternoon sessions, day 1 & 2
17:00-18:00 - Gyal-mo Tsa-wa Rong: singing, ChNN commentary, history and dance study
18:00-19:00 - Morning session dances repetition & circle dances

Donation : 60 euro

* No one will be turned away due to lack of funds.