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DZG program Winter 2020
From Wednesday 01 January 2020 -  10:00am
To Thursday 31 December 2020 - 08:00pm




From 2 to of Jan to 9 of Jan

Ancient practices for discovering Rigpa, SMS Base retreat

From 10 of Jan to 12 of Jan

Free and Empower your Voice, Golden Bridges Voice Work with Dr. Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington

From 13 of Jan to 18 of Jan

Eight Movements Teacher Training, first part with Fabio Andrico

From 24 of Jan to 26 of Jan

Breathing with Presence with Fabio Andrico

From 31 of Jan to 2 of Feb

Diet and Lifestyle 1 st level


From 6 of Feb to 14 of Feb

First Level SMS, Dzogchen Practice with Elio Guarisco

From 7 of Feb to 9 of Feb

Diet and Lifestyle 2nd level

From 10 of Feb to 17 of Feb

Harmonious Breathing Teacher Training with Fabio Andrico

From 18 of Feb to 22 of Feb

Diet and Lifestyle 3rd level

From 24 of Feb to 24 of Feb


From 24 of Feb to 9 of Mar

Mandarava Retreat with Fabio Andrico, Elio Guarisco, Nina Robinson


From 9 of Mar to 9 of Mar

Worlwide Guruyoga of Garab Dorje

From 10 of Mar to 11 of Mar

Drajyor Course with Fabian Sanders

From 12 of Mar to 18 of Mar

Khaita School, first week with Adriana Dal Borgo

From 10 of Mar to 15 of Mar

Eight Movement Teacher Training, 2nd part with Fabio Andrico

From 20 of Mar to 27 of Mar

Dance of the Song of the Vajra, deepening course with Adriana Dal Borgo



From 9 of Apr to 14 of Apr

Elio introduction to the practice of contemplation, practice retreat (date to confirm) with Elio Guarisco (Date to confirm)