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Green Tara Collective retreat
From Friday 17 May 2019 -  10:00am
To Thursday 23 May 2019 - 05:00pm


2 session: 10am and 3pm

Hundreds, if not thousands, of generations of Indian and Tibetan people have venerated Arya Tara as a principal divinity and meditation deity. Representing the function of the compassion, energy, and wisdom of all realized beings, she is considered the mother of all buddhas and the perfection of wisdom. In the ultimate sense, she is the unborn, pure, and empty dharmakaya, the supreme origin of all existence. She is the source of enlightenment that is present in all of us. As the manifestation of the pure state of the air element, Tara is known for her ability to act swiftly, reaching out to save us when we are in distress. The Green Tara practice is particularly important for finding a solution to problems that we may meet in life, for example, not finding a job. There are twenty-one manifestations of Tara related to the same number of action mantras; therefore, if you want to achieve a specific goal, you can add the appropriate mantra. However, the action mantras can only be used after having practiced Green Tara sufficiently in at least a one week retreat. Remember that action mantras are not indispensable; if you have faith in Green Tara, the principal mantra is enough.

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