We invite you to be the part of the team for 2 upcoming events in Dzamling Gar

IDC Annual Sangha Retreat March 29 - April 8

Please write us if you plan to come and can be a Team Leader (English language and some experience in organization is a must), Karma Yogi (any participation is welcome), or you are a YY/VD instructor and you would like to lead some practices.

Dzamling Gar is waiting for you!

Campaign Information

Campaign:   Gönpa Construction 1st and 2nd Phase
Start Date:   Thursday, 09 April 2015
End Date:   Friday, 30 November 2018
Goal Amount:   €5824000.00
Donated Amount:   €4945127.93

Donation Information

If you can not find your country, please contact with us.
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