Painting 1. Invocation to Ekajati


This work represents the Invocation to the Guardian Ekajati, protector of the Dzogchen Teaching. The invocation comes from the mind of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. At the center of the Mandala is the seed syllable "Bhyo" in a deep color red. The letter is surrounded by its main mantra in red Uchen characters extending clockwise around a square figure completing the entire text of the invocation in golden letters.The Mandala is sealed with the four powerful syllables Ja Hum Bam Ho and enriched with the typical Tibetan design representing the wrathful offering to the Guardian.
The dots on the letters indicate the beats to follow when using the drum for accompanying the chant. On the upper part of the painting there is the symbol of solar and lunar energy represented by the sun and moon.






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