The Unexpected Journey or Sacred Journey to Kham film by Fabio Andrico

We are pleased and honoured to present a film by Fabio Andrico. In October 2017, Fabio made a pilgrimage to holy Tibetan places of Kham region where the greatest Tibetan Dzogchen Masters like Vairochana and Adzom Drugpa had lived. At the end of his pilgrimage, Fabio made a film, which he presented to Dzamling Gar as an offering. This film gives each of us the opportunity to participate and support our International Gar and together with Fabio to visit Vairochana’s Cave, Adzom Gar, Stupa of Nyala Pema Dundul, to go over the altitude of 3000m, and see much more wonderful places connected to the Teaching of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu directly.

80% of contributions received will go to Dzamling Gar to support our online activities and long-term operating costs. The remaining 20% goes to help fund the departments of Yantra Yoga under the auspices of the Atiyoga Foundation.

The donation is based on the principle of generosity

Please donate freely and abundantly for whatever good benefiting cause and institutions you feel are close to your heart. Together we are many.

Press the button down here “DONATE NOW”, fill in the form. In the form don't forget to choose the subtitles of your language and proceed with making on-line donation and you will receive a film-link to your Gmail account to see the film. The link may come in 2-3 days.
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Please do not share this link. If you want your friends to see this movie - please send them a link to this web page.


 Thank you all for your participation and generosity!


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