As many parts of the world seem to have slowed down over the past year, our various projects at the Gar must still find a way to move on. Dzamling Gar requires a lot of collaboration to keep functioning, and right now we humbly ask that you collaborate with us through offering however much you can bear to offer in exchange for the courses and practices we offer. We have many maintenance tasks here on the Gar, some that we feel we should take care of, like repairing the road up to the Gompa to reduce the risk of serious injury and working of Gonpa gardens, and some that are legally mandated, like installing a new gate along the road for vehicle access.

Given the present circumstances, it is difficult to offer retreats and courses at the Gar, and even when we can offer them, the attendance in person is limited. In light of this, we have been offering classes and practices online.
Whatever you can offer, even a small amount, will help.



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