WHAT DO I DO?: Reserving Accommodation in Dzamling Gar

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Residing in the accommodation facilities within Dzamling Gar is an opportunity provided by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu to active members of the International Dzogchen Community so that they can participate in the various activities of the Community and contribute to its maintenance and development.

Information for new season 2017/2018 that starts in October 2017:

The stay in Dzamling Gar is reserved to the holders of the Dzogchen Community membership or guest card. Please make sure that your membership fees are fully paid before booking with us.
  • Accommodation in the Houses of Dzamling Gar It is for a maximum thirty (30) day.
    For a longer stay has to be approved for the Gakyil of each gar (only in special cases). In this special cases please contact with the Gakyil of your gar.
  • Accommodation is available ONLY for current IDC 2017/2018 Members.
  • The Houses offer 4 different possibilities of accommodation and the houses contribution for this accommodation it depends on the type of accommodation: single bed, private bedroom, one room apartment and two rooms apartment. All apartments are equipped with dishes, linens, and towels.
  • All Guest need to provide with a PASSPORT/ ID document and their IDC membership updated. Also, it is recommended to have a private health insurance card or in the case of European membership have the existing European health insurance card to avoid problems in case of some health care may be necessary.
  • You will initially be required to contribute a minimum 30% deposit in order to secure the booking. If you prefer, you can pay the whole amount of the contribution at this stage. In some situations of some Gars, this condition can be different.
  • When your deposit is confirmed, the occupation manager of your gar will email you and cc to the General Manager confirmation of your room and bed number + provides you with the link to "View" and "Behaviour”. We ask you to please read them so you understand well the point of view and attitude that corresponds to residing in Dzamling Gar.
  • If you paid a 30% deposit, you can proceed to contribute the remaining 70% at any time up until 1 week before arrival to Dzamling Gar. At this time your occupation manager will give authorization to the General Manager to give you access. The General Manager will email you and:
    - provide the contact telephone number at Dzamling Gar
    - ask you to inform him directly of the date and time of arrival
    - ask you to inform him of the names of all persons that are going to stay, Passport/ID numbers and IDC# are needed
  • When you arrive in Dzamling Gar, The Check-In will be done in the Information hut on Gar next to Gonpa. You will be required to sign an inventory of items and acceptance of “Behaviour - norms of respect” & provide a refundable key deposit of 50€ cash (for private apart/ room) and €25 (for single bed) to General Manager or Local Representative in exchange for the apartment key. Key deposit will be given back entire if equipment has no damage.
  • Extra laundry service is available during the stay for 5 €. An inventory of items will be stored in each apartment.

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