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Desde Viernes 16 Julio 2021 -  09:30am
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Module 4: Body, Voice & Mind

16th-18th July 2021

dailyThis six part modular training is aimed at helping us to bring greater conscious awareness into our daily lives by learning different approaches to meditation. Having greater presence and awareness regarding the movements of our mind, our emotions and the motivation behind our actions, has many essential benefits: it shines a light into our inner existence by gradually introducing a new level of clarity into our perception of the world, thereby helping to dissolve personal confusion and distress. Becoming more familiar with ourselves through this process of self-discovery can help us to live a more meaningful, happier life and also enable us to bring benefit to others. The whole training will be in 6 modules, where one module takes place over a long weekend every two months, with suggested ‘homework’ and refresher sessions in between.

  • This course is via Zoom / Registration required via shangshunguk.org
  • Payment is based on the Principle of Generosity
  • Schedule below is UK (GMT) time
  • French, Czech & Spanish Translation available

PROGRAMME Module 4: Body, Voice & Mind

We tend to think of meditation as something that only concerns our mind. But if we observe ourselves, we find that our state of mind is largely influenced by our emotions and also by our body. We therefore cannot explore our mind without also looking closely at its inter-connection with our psychological and physical state. In Buddhism, these three aspects of body, voice and mind are called ‘the three doors’, because they are the three gateways through which we process our everyday experiences. By becoming more present and aware of each of these different aspects of our being, we can consciously engage with all of them to discover how to bring them into a greater sense of harmony.



Friday 16th July 5.30pm – 7pm: ‘Introduction: Harmonising Body, Voice & Mind’ with Stoffelina Verdonk
Saturday 17th July 9.30am -11am: 'The Interdependance of Body, Speech & Mind in Daily Life’ with Fabio Risolo
Saturday 17th July 2.30pm - 4pm: 'Listening to our Voice & Seeing our Emotions’ with Gabriella Dalesio
Sunday 18th July 9.30am -11am: 'Awareness of our Body' with Monica Gentile
Sunday 18th July 2.30pm - 4pm: 'Everyday Mind & the Five Passions' with Enzo Terzano


NOTE: Module 5 will take place on September 10th -12th: ‘Our Energy & Emotions’. Shang Shung UK Event produced in collaboration with Dzamling Gar & the AtiYoga Foundation

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