Desde Sábado 27 Junio 2020 -  08:30am
Hasta Domingo 28 Junio 2020 - 06:00pm

ZOOM: The Secret Rushen of the Mind - THE THREE SPECIAL PRACTICES

mind rushen

June 27 to 28

To enable the practitioner to distinguish between the state in which one is conditioned by thoughts and the state of pure presence, the Drathalgyur, as illustrated in the Stairway of Liberation, teaches three very special practices of the Rushen of the Mind.
The first of these practices, SEM TSOLBA, is to Search for the Mind. Although mind appears as thoughts, with the eyes of inquiring meditation, one sees that these thoughts have no reality, and that in any moment of their arising, dwelling and ceasing, the mind has never known any change.
The second, NALBAB, Resting in the Authentic State, is to learn how to relax in naturalness, in uncontrived genuine simplicity. This is the aim of all the practices of body, voice and mind
The third, SORZHUGPA, Mantaining Freshness, is the method to make the ordinary vision collapse with postures and gazes.

Daily Schedule: 8:30- 10:30 & 16:00 - 18:00
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Suggested minimum donation for this course:15€
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Donations are gratefully received via our webpage.

The income go to support Dzamling Gar and covering expenses of the Gar and webcast.
We would like to run this event based on generosity, If you have the financial possibility to donate more than the minimum amount, we very much appreciate.

If you have financial difficulty, it will not be the obstacle of participation.

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You will need to wear loose clothing, not be hungry or full, and have an airy space to practice. Blankets, cushions and chairs are also useful.

Very best wishes from Dzamling Gar!


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