Free and Empower Your Voice.
Desde Viernes 31 Julio 2020 -  09:30am
Hasta Sábado 01 Agosto 2020 - 05:00pm

Free and Empower Your Voice, Part 2 - Public Speaking Skills

Zoom and Onsite

July 31: 3 - 5 pm 

August 1 & 2: 9:30 - 11:30 am

(zoom registration and donation link available soon)

About the workshop:

If you want to:

• control your voice;
• enjoy the real quality of your voice given to you by nature;
• sound confident, be listened to, and be heard;
• keep your voice free of discomfort while performing long speeches;
• develop public speaking skills;

Try the unique methodology bridging Western Voice Science and Eastern Contemplative Practices, carefully elaborated by Dr. Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington.
These body, breath and voice techniques for tension release can bring the following benefits

• develop vocal capacities;
• free your natural voice;
• find your own optimum pitch;
• project in a conscious and powerful way;
• feel the sense of empowerment while speaking to your audience;
• build up vocal stamina;
• develop stress resilience;
• reduce stage fright;
• keep your voice age-proof;
• and many others.

You will also learn about vocal hygiene and vocal safety that could protect you from developing hoarseness, constriction and strain. You could then use these skills in your daily and professional life, when you have to speak. Besides that, mastering your relationship with your voice could help you deepen your practice, because when we sing along with movement and/or visualisation, vocal vibrations can expand throughout the body and have potentiality to activate energy points.

About me:

katya farington

Dr Ekaterina Valeeva-Farrington holds a MA (1999) and PhD degree (2006) in Linguistics and Literature from Saint-Petersburg State University, and a MA (2016) in Voice Studies from Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, London. In addition to this formal education at Western universities, she experienced full immersion in study and practice of Traditional Tibetan Medicine from 2006-2012, and is now a qualified practitioner in the areas of external therapies and application of astrology to medical practice. She studied under renowned Tibetan doctors Nida Chenagtsang, Menpa Phuntsog Wangmo, Mägmaar Suuren and specialist in Astrology; Lama Lobsang Darji. Her main Teacher in overall Tibetan Buddhist Studies since 2006 was Chögyal Namkhai Norbu.
Dr Valeeva-Farrington now combines her knowledge of linguistics, phonetics, accent work, vocal anatomy and physiology with Tibetan medical and contemplative practices to produce a rich curriculum of methods related to vocal health and the healing power of voice work. This combined approach that builds bridges between Western and Eastern methods presents an enhanced path toward vocal health, unlocking the throat chakra and achieving deep relaxation in the essential anatomical structures that are used in production of a balanced voice.
Dr Valeeva-Farrington currently works as a voice teacher in London and an independent researcher in voice studies.


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