Breathing for Presence and Wellness
от Пятница 24 Январь 2020 -  10:00am
до Воскресенье 26 Январь 2020 - 05:00pm

Breathing for Presence and Wellness

natali yantra


We are often immersed in stressful life rhythms facing life continuously under pressure and competitiveness, with schedules, routines and structured norms.

Breathing with presence emerges as a space to learn to recover energy, strengthen body, mind and spirit, and be able to relax.

When through the complete breathing, the presence and awareness emerge to the surface, it is accompanied by deep relaxation, in which the body is internally still, there not much need of compulsory verbal communication, and thoughts are not like continuous waves”.



Breathing for Presence and Wellness is the result of exhaustive research in Yantra Yoga and Harmonious Breathing. Yantra Yoga is one of the oldest Tibetan yoga systems introduced in the Western World by Master Namkhai Norbu in the seventies. 

Breathing for Presence and Wellness is a course aimed at offering the tools to develop presence, calm the mind, reduce tensions and improve physiological and brain functions, such as self-regulation, throughout a series of deep and precise movements connected to intention and presence in breath and movement. 

It is a positive and enriching practice for any stage in life. Through breath, we develop self-knowledge, body awareness, strength, balance, coordination and flexibility, and we release states of anxiety, tension and stress, and this allows us to live in a more relaxed, conscious and efficient way.

General goals:

• Learn to be present and aware in a complete, total and integrated way. 

• Develop the sense of awareness, which results in the evolution of the person in society. 

Specific objectives:

• Develop presence throughout breathe and movement.

• Reach a present and relaxed state in a conscious way.



This course is open to everybody.



Dzamling Gar, Adeje (Santa Cruz de Tenerife). 



24 to 26 January 2020. Morning sessions: 10 h - 12,00h. Afternoon sessions: 15h - 17,00h.


1st session, 2 hours

Passive exercises on opening the breathing.
Finding centered balance for ‘correct’ sitting posture and breathing awareness.
Focused meditation. 
Breathing awareness.
Establishing intention.

2nd session, 2 hours

Body movement and active exercises for breath.
Wholeness and flexibility.
Breathing awareness.
Focused meditation.

3rd session, 2 hours 

Integrating breath, movement and mind.
Presence and awareness in movement. 

4rth session, 2 hours

Wholeness and harmony in breathing.
Deconstructing conditioned breathing.
Rediscovering the joy of breathing.

5th session, 2 hours
Training breathing rhythm.
Sitting and moving.
Discovering and training how to hold the breath.
Meditation on open presence and awareness.

6th session, 2 hours
Complete breathing: experience and training.
Deep relaxation awareness.
Flexibility and natural flow of breathing.
Presence and awareness through sensation. 



Not IDC member -> 100€

Ordinary IDC member -> 80€

Sustaining IDC member -> 50€

Meritorious IDC member -> 20€

All donations contribute to maintenance and development of Dzamling Gar project. No one will be turned away due to lack of funds


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