Пятница 30 Октябрь 2020, 03:00pm - 05:00pm



Notice posted at the headquarter of the IDC in Località Merigar 1, 58031 Arcidosso (Grosseto), Italy

Arcidosso, 30th September 2020

To the IDC Members

To the Board of Directors (IG)

To the Auditor



convocation of the Ordinary IDC Members’ General Assembly, according to article 8 of IDC Statute and according to article 35 paragraph 3 of the “Decreto-Legge Cura Italia” due to the Covid_19 emergency.

We wish to inform all Members of the IDC that an Ordinary General Assembly has been called on:

first convocation on October 29th 2020 at 7.00 am CET (6 pm Tenerife local time);

second convocation on October 30th 2020 at 3.00 pm CET (2 pm Tenerife local time).

The Ordinary IDC Members’ General Assembly will be held from Dzamling Gar, Tenerife, Spain in Playa Paraiso, Adeje 38678, Avda. Adeje 300, no. 38 connected in audio-video mode with all the other seats of IDC Gars and their Lings and with the seats of Independent Lings too.



Approval of the balance and financial statement for the year 2019.
Notwithstanding art. 44 of the IDC Statute the deadline of approving it has been postponed to October 31st 2020 according to article 35, paragraph 3 of the “Decreto-Legge Cura Italia” due to the Covid_19 emergency.

Approval of the budget and of a proposal of program of activities of the International Dzogchen Community for the year 2020.

Renewal and appointment of the Auditor.

Renewal and appointment of the members of the College of Gekös (College of Guarantors).


Presentation of Membership Trend.

Any other business.

All Members who have the right to participate in the International General Assembly and who are unable to attend in person may appoint another member to represent him/her by a written proxy. Every Member may represent the votes of a maximum of three other IDC Members.

The Board of Directors

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