Gönpa Construction 1st Phase

Dzamling Gar, Avda Playa Paraiso, S/N Urb. Playa Paraiso, Costa Adeje, 38678 Adeje. S.C. Tenerife
68.72% Complete
Evolution Creations
We would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for your generous donation towards the building of the new Gönpa at Dzamling Gar. By making this donation you are helping to realize the vision of Chögyal Namkhai Norbu for future generations.
*** This is the balance record, which include donations which was made in 2007-2014, and donations which was made directly to Meriling.


The Gönpa of Dzamling Gar: The Dawning of a Place for the Teaching and Practice of Dzogchen to Flourish

Gonpa Sunrise crop

The Beginnings of the New Dzamling Gar Gönpa

The ultimate building of Dzamling Gar, The Gönpa, is beginning to take shape now with the generous contributions of Rinpoche’s students from all over the world. At this moment, the active participation of each member of The International Dzogchen Community is needed to raise the funds necessary to complete the Gönpa as soon as possible. Dzamling Gar is the fruition of nearly forty years of Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche's activity around the globe, and his vision of its Gönpa is inspiring us all to offer whatever we can to realize this dream and awaken to this reality. Our collaboration can make the Gönpa of Dzamling Gar come alive.

Unlike the individual houses in Dzamling Gar, which are connected with each of the world's regional Gars, the Gönpa is The Great Big Place where everyone truly unites in sharing our responsibility as a Global Community. As Rinpoche sings with us in the song of Dzamling Gar: “Let’s Unite Our Strength and Capacity. Dzogchen Communities, Unite all your Strength and Capacity”. Everybody can put this Teaching into practice by supporting the construction of the Gönpa at this time with the fullest expression of their generosity.

The Gönpa will not only be a fantastic structure for gathering together, but an important place for the practice and Teaching of Dzogchen to flourish for future generations. While it will appear as a large contemporary design in harmony with the aesthetics of the surrounding island (with the assistance of world renowned architect Benedetta Tagliabue), the Gönpa will also function as a sacred space - like the Stupas, Temples, and Statues arising from the world’s wisdom traditions - that benefits everyone everywhere as a cause for spiritual liberation. As generations fill the Gönpa to practice Ati Guru Yoga, it will fulfill Rinpoche's vision for the Transmission of The Dzogchen Teaching to continue without end.


General Gompa

DzG gonpa 2

DzG gonpa 3 e

There is an enthusiastic effort to raise the funds currently underway, and everybody's participation, whatever one can afford to contribute, has a positive influence.
Collaborating to raise the funds and create the Gönpa is the Teaching in action, as the process of contributing together is a labour of love beyond the limitations of nationality, age, economic status, and cultural or religious affiliation: more than the building that will result from our activity, the joyful effort itself embodies the Teaching as an interdependent opportunity to develop our capacity and manifest our awareness. 
Every person’s contribution, of any size, will have a concrete influence on the Gönpa’s development. Each part of each person's contribution will be connected to a concrete piece of the Gönpa: our energy will be reflected in a floor, a roof, a window, a table, or even a simple cushion. We can all be a part of the Gönpa's creation, and if we understand its value in our evolution as individuals and and as a Community, the time to get involved is right now.
Where we are now!

Tent old

Dear all, we have found a way to turn into a jewel what we found built when the land was purchased. As you probably remember, the initial idea was to place a shell-like roof for the Gonpa on the terrace of the main building. We have now thought of extending this shell and give it a sweeter and sinuous shape. In this way, a maximum covered space is obtained without impeding the wonderful view of the sea. We are analysing how to structure the internal spaces in the most elastic way so that they can be used for all our activities: Vajra dances; Tibetan dances, which has become an essential practice of teachings; yantra yoga; conferences of our great Master; medical and therapeutic activity that he taught us and we want to spread around. It has been difficult but in the end, we managed to have a free space to be used on the terrace of the main building. Additionally, it will double what we have now and we can enjoy a unique view of the sea.

At the same time we have generated a large outdoor space next to the old building, in its southern side. This has been done achieving also important spaces for children and for art and music workshops without diminishing the total buildable surface of the land. Thus, we were able to recover the volumes needed to keep the two houses that, according to the first project, should be demolished. All these achievements certainly mean an increase in the total built surface. Since the initial 7,500 m2 we moved up to 8,500 m2, with spaces for storage rooms and garages in the basement.

The cost currently estimated for the first part of the project is about two million euros. Landscaping, with very large volumes of earthworks, allow easy access to the main terrace, and includes additional terraces, gardens and walkways. We are calculating the surfaces and volumes of the entire main building, seeking to minimize costs.

As soon as we get the final calculation, we will report again.
Evolution Creations by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu > > >

Evolution Creations are exquisite, hand made pieces of jewelry made by Chögyal Namkhai Norbu. All proceeds will go towards the building of the new Gönpa (meeting hall) at Dzamling Gar.




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