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August Collective Practices and Vajra Dance
From Sunday 01 August 2021 -  08:00am
To Tuesday 31 August 2021 - 08:00pm

August Collective Practices and Vajra Dance



You are warmly and freshly invited to come and practice together the whole month of August the Collective Practices of:

  • The Purification of the Six Lokas and Tara

  •  Guru Yoga of the White A

  • Jnana Dakini Gomadevi Short Thun

  • All accompanied by Dances of the Vajra! 


We will all relax in the state of contemplation together some singing the Song of the Vajra. Some singing and dancing the Song of the Vajra relaxing in our primordial state. Wonderfull! Vajra Dance Instructors will kindly be present to guide these practice retreats.


Our Master has given advice how to do:
  • Retreats of the Dance of the Vajra for the benefit of Beings with the practice of the Purification of the 6 Lokas and Tara
  • Retreats of the Dance of the Vajra of the Song of the Vajra with the practice of Guru Yoga of the White A.
  • We'll practice also the practice of Jnana Dakini Gomadevi with the Dance of the Vajra of the Song of the Vajra, with those who have received the lung of the short practice.


A weekend of Contemplation in Guru Yoga through Dancing and Singing A: Khalongdorkjeikar of 12A in nature


We'll finish the August Collective Practices and Dance of the Vajra with two days of dancing and the Khalongdorjeikar of the 12A in different locations, walking and sitting meditation, enjoying, swimming, picnicking, playing games together, starting in the Gar early in the morning and continuing fulfilling our day in Guru Yoga, also in the sunset. Dedication for the benefit of all sentient beings.
Be most welcome and enjoy! 


vd mandala paintingProgram:

August 3-8 Purification of Six Lokas Practice with The Dance Which Benefits Beings
August 13-17 Guruyoga of the White A Practice with SOV Dance
August 20-26 Gomadevi Practice with SOV Dance
August 28-29 Dance of the 12 A's



3 sessions a day: 8:30 11:00 and 19:00 (Tenerife time)

Transmission is required.
Free Donation


Donation link >> 


We would like to run this event based on generosity, The donation is to support Dzamling Gar, covering expenses of the Gar and webcast. Please consider making a generous donation, according to your circumstances. If you have financial difficulty, it will not be an obstacle of participation.



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For accommodations: https://dzamlinggar.net/general-administrator