Dance of the Three Vajras
From Friday 09 October 2020 -  10:00am
To Sunday 11 October 2020 - 07:00pm

Welcome to learn Dance of the Three Vajras for Beginners

9th -11th of October

Open course at Dzamling Gar
No Zoom or Webcast


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The “Dance of the Three Vajras” is a symbolic dance of profound integration and purification. It is more related to our mind level. In this dance the three aspects of our existence – body, energy and mind – and their pure states, symbolized by the three syllables OM A HUM, are integrated into the state of non-dual contemplation.


Instructors : Anna Apraksina, Maria Stepanik

Schedule : Friday 9th 5pm- 7pm
Sat & Sun 10th 11th 10am-12pm / 3pm - 5pm

* Please bring the dance shoes with leather sole or fablic sole or clean socks in order not to damage Mandala. You can also purchase them in DZG infopint or bookshop.


Why it is important to attend the course to learn Vajra Dance precisely?

--- When you are learning the Vajra Dance, you should always try to remember that timing is very, very important. When people first learn the Vajra Dance, they think about how they should move and how the arms and feet must be. Timing is also related with our mind and energy. So it is very important to remember timing. If you remember the Dance very precisely, then the timing will automatically come and the Dance becomes very harmonious. This is something important that you should always remember, not only for the Vajra Dance, but also for life.
 There is the famous 'working with circumstances' in the Dzogchen Teaching, and when we understand 'timing', we really know how 
to work with circumstances. Timing is related to the harmony of the body, speech and mind. If everything goes together harmoniously everything is fine. First you learn how to do the Dance and when you become more familiar with it, you try and be in the state of instant presence.
---- Chögyal Namkhai Norbu

Through dancing on the mandala we activate and coordinate specific energy points( Channels and chakras) in our body, in this way the Vajra Dance dissolves energy blocks and harmonises our physical, mental, and emotional condition. In our course we also will study about what is mandala, its function, history and wacthing the video.

The Dance of the Vajra is a special and effective practice for us to evolve our real potential and develop clarity and compassion toward ourselves and others.

The slow, fluid movements and singing the simple sound relax the body, clear the mind and relieve the tension of daily life.

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30 euro for IDC members
40 euro for non members

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