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Sache. Beginners Course on Tibetan Geomancy with Migmar Tsering
From Tuesday 24 December 2019 -  10:00am
To Thursday 26 December 2019 - 04:30pm


Course on Tibetan Astrology - Second Level

December 24 to 26
With Migmar Tsering

In this second level course on tibetan astrology we will deepen our knowledge about the five elements, according to the hour and place of each person's birth.

In this course we will learn how:
  • Make a divination of the elements
  • Which day and which practice is the best for us according to our astrology chart
  • Learn the Parkhas: the trigrams

10 am to 12 pm and 2:30 to 4:30 pm

Price: 120€ with usual discount for members (100€/60€/20€)


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